“Didn’t ask for your opinion”


“Didn’t ask for your opinion.” Acrylic painting.


Loved how the colors came out. I’ve been trying to make the lines muchhhh smoother as well as making sure the canvas is COMPLETELY covered. I even painted the back of the canvas (which I never do) I’ve really been wanting to improve the quality of the paintings these last couple of pieces. Enjoy a video of the painting below, as well as some close up photos.

– Rachel Williams


Work in progress! New artwork!!

Newest piece I’m working on titled “Didn’t ask for your opinion.” As I paint this current piece, I think about strong female icons such Cher, Serena Williams, Rihanna, Diana Ross, etc who live their lives unapologetically and have not let other’s opinions direct how they choose to express themselves and live. Being true to yourself is the best gift you can give yourself.