“The Female Gaze”

The Female Gaze opposes the idea of the male gaze. The painting makes reference to the theoretical term, the female gaze. This theoretical term refers to a female’s perspective, rather than a male’s viewpoint. The painting itself was created from the perspective of a women. As a result, the women in the painting is not being objectified even though she is naked. The woman in the painting views her sexuality as its own entity separate from the male gaze. Rather than be an object of a mans affection and lust, she sits alone confidently enjoying her femininity, sexuality, and body.

Detail photos to come soon!


Here is the video for one of the paintings in the “Black Queen” Series, which features 3 small circular acrylic paintings.  This collection of paintings plays with the modern and traditional ideas and examples of what it means to be a “Black Queen.”

The idea behind this collection is as follows:

True royalty or not, the black woman, as well as women of other races and ethnicities (including transgender women) always seem to radiate a special kind of strength. This strength may stem from powerful experiences or even hardships. When you look at powerful women, such as Serena Williams or even HBO’s up-in-coming Euphoria star Hunter Schafer, they exude this sort of glow and aura in that you can feel their braveness as they speak and breathe. These women, as well as the women I represent in my paintings are courageous. They are courageous not because they lack fear, but because they can go out into the world and battle issues head on. This women also get back up when they fall. When met with a threat these women do not falter. This attitude and energy is what I hope to capture regarding the modern connotation of what in means to be a “Black Queen.”

In the traditional sense of what it means to be a “Black Queen,” I think back to Africa; specifically, I think back to the royal roots of various types of black people and people of African descent.

Video of painting from “Black Queen” Series